The GF-Verified and GF-Dedicated Programs – your key to gluten-free done right

Offering safe, properly managed gluten-free food ensures your business is keeping up with this rapidly growing consumer base. The Gluten Free Food Programs (GFFP) assures your customers that your standards and practices have met the highest industry requirements, as recognized by the two leading celiac organizations in Canada.

For those establishment producing both gluten and gluten-free food options, the GF-Verified program is your strategic partner helping you to maximize the business benefits for your gluten-free program. Leveraging the full potential of GF-Verified allows you to reap the many benefits of promoting your gluten-free program with confidence.

GF-Dedicated indicates to the gluten-free community that all food options are gluten-free.

Turnkey and standardized

Both programs take the guess work out of developing your own GFFP by providing framework endorsed by the two leading celiac organizations. With expert training, standards and conformance specifications designed specifically for the food service industry, your job is simply to implement and monitor the program within your own operation.

Why GF-Verified and GF-Dedicated?

GFFP are the only gluten-free programs for the foodservice and hospitality sector endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association and La Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque.

The GFFP symbols are the trusted trade mark of assurance that your gluten-free program is done right. Both programs help you meet GF regulatory requirements and arms you with the knowledge, systems and training you need to keep your GF customers safe. GFFP membership confirms your sincere commitment to gluten-free and maximizes your ability to effectively market to and reach this community.

Implementation Roadmap

We’re here to help! Achieving GF-Verified or GF-Dedicated membership involves 5 key steps, the first of which starts with a planning conversation. Once we connect, we help guide you through the process and identify any areas where you may need additional support.

  1. Consult with our representative and apply to program
  2. Review standards & identify operational gaps
  3. Train management and employees
  4. Implement changes, document and verify
  5. Schedule verification audit
    • Kick-off and market program
    • Maintain annually

The time it will take to complete the process will depend on your type of operation and the type of gluten-free program you are offering.

Following the application and self-evaluation step, our team will schedule a follow-up with your organization to discuss the program elements in more detail and establish next steps. Once the program requirements are in place and the audit is passed, the GF-Verified or GF-Dedicated symbol will then be issued and your organization can begin using it in all your marketing materials.

See Implementation Roadmap here

Using the GFFP symbols

Once you receive the GFFP approval, you are ready to use the designated GFFP trade mark on all your marketing materials. These include, but are not limited to, your website, the window or door of your establishment, and on any advertising materials you produce. Additionally, you will reap the benefit of being a part of the GFFP networks and in our searchable consumer database.

Getting Started

Get started by connecting to a GFFP representative and by completing a self-evaluation.