GF-Smart training is designed for those individuals who wish to upskill their gluten free knowledge and become a more desirable “hire”, or their establishment is taking part in the GFFP and staff have been selected to take the online course.

The online training will take you through 8 modules; each module has been designed to cover various aspects of understanding Gluten and the importance of Gluten Management. The module heading is:

  1. What is Gluten?
  2. What does Gluten-Free mean?
  3. The business case for Gluten-Free food
  4. Why do some people not eat Gluten?
  5. Preparing Gluten-Free food
  6. Avoiding Gluten-Free foods’ cross contamination with other foods
  7. Customer service relating to Gluten-Free foods
  8. Managing Gluten systematically

At the end of each module there is a small multi choice test. Once all modules have been completed and you have achieved 80% pass mark a certificate can be downloaded.

The course cost for individuals is 87 dollars for those establishments wishing to train more than 5 staff member and group discounts are available.

Please note no refunds are available once you have paid for the online training.