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The Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) provides food service handlers and operators with the required knowledge and best practices to responsibly meet the special dietary needs of people needing to eat gluten-free food. GFFP benefits a wide range of business types committed to serving the gluten-free population, including restaurants, caterers, camps, hotels, convention centres, healthcare and educational institutions, to name a few. 

In turn, through easily identifiable and recognizable brand marks, GFFP helps consumers find safer, more reliable gluten-free options for eating out.

The Gluten-free Food Program (GFFP) achieves its mission through the delivery of three main programs:


GFFP Professional training, standards and conformance specifications designed specifically for food service and hospitality, to ensure consistent, safer, gluten-free food delivery for gluten-free diners.

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GF-SMART. Training designed for food handlers to understand the essential elements of a food service gluten-free program, what is involved in offering gluten-free food, why avoiding contamination matters, and how to plan and manage your system once it is in place.

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GF-FINDER. Help the gluten-free community find those establishments who have successfully achieved the GFFP designations; meaning they have completed the required training, adopted gluten-free best practices, and been verified by a third party food service expert.

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