Crystany’s Brasserie is our first 100% gluten-free (GF-Dedicated) owned and operated restaurant.  Nestled on the main street of Canning it’s the only green building on the block!  There are two levels of seating and a beautiful deck that overlooks the Habitant River.  Serving food made with locally sourced products and local beverages, Crystany’s is truly all about supporting locals and the gluten free community.  All our food is home made right down to our sauces.  Our award winning Chef, Michael Williams, is the 2017 Atlantic food service Chef of the Year.  Our Motto is: “who cares, we care, health matters”.

Crystany’s Brasserie is located at 9848 Main St., Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada  B0P 1H0.

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At Carleton University, we are committed to providing top quality dining offerings and accommodating a variety of dietary needs. Our team includes an experienced culinary team and Registered Dietitian who work together to build menus and concepts that will be desirable to our Carleton Community, including those who follow a gluten free diet. Although we have a lot of gluten free options, we felt that it was important to create a dedicated counter where customers who follow a gluten free diet can feel safe- so we created The Kitchen Exchange. This counter features a rotating menu, which will change each semester and provide 100% gluten free offerings. In the fall, we featured an authentic Indian concept called Republic of Spice, and are in the midst of planning for next semester. Hint- it’s Mediterranean inspired with our own Carleton twist. The counter is located in our largest retail location on campus, in the Food Court on the second floor of the University Centre.

Whisked Gluten Free Bakery is a must-visit Gluten Free Dedicated shop located in Toronto’s east end. Power duo Chris and Mel opened shop on May 15th, 2015, and have been cooking up wholesome, nutritious treats ever since. Well versed in nutrition, and feeding the body what it needs to thrive, their wholistic approach ensures that their products meet the health demands of just about everyone. Even their dessert foods are designed with nutrient dense ingredients and just as tasty as ever. “I love life and life loves me”; a hearty motto amongst their team, is reiterated in their baking. Mel remembers growing up baking pies with her grandmother. Now, gluten-intolerant, she still enjoys her own GF Apple Pies: with a slice of cheddar cheese of course. An active member of the community, Whisked! donates all imperfect and leftover goods to various programs and shelters.

You can find Whisked at 1970 Ellesmere Rd., Unit 4, Toronto, ON. We recommend picking up their vegan almond cookies for a delicious, gluten free bite of heaven.